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When we gather in Circle, a protected space of safety is created that gives you the opportunity to practice conscious communication, to open your heart, to discover, feel, and express your deepest longings, and to be seen, felt, heard, accepted and supported in the presence of others.


This is for you if...

You are a consciously evolving womxn on a path to greater self love, understanding and acceptance for the person you are, the people you meet and the journey you are on

You like to invest in self-care, personal growth, relationship health, energy work, and breakthroughs, and are seeking a community of supportive sisters in that journey

You are seeking a deeper connection with yourself, your intimate relationships and the world around you

You are wanting more confidence in your ability to express your gifts and shine into your career

You are seeking less anxiety and stress and more calm, LOVE and JOY!

6-Week Program

In this offering you will receive:


• A safe and confidential group environment

• Gentle movement and practices for tuning into your inner world, essential self, and universal energies

• Expansion and expression of your energetic and emotional ranges without making any part of you wrong

• Processes to handle emotional triggers, past wounding, and feelings of unworthiness, deficiency, or self doubt

• Feeling yourself more fully, present, grounded, and safe

• Communication skills for relating to others, speaking your truth, setting boundaries and handling conflict


In Circle you have the opportunity to play with aspects of your life where you would like to see some change. We come together to share a common commitment for openness and growth.


“We may not have it all together, but together we can have it all”

Curious to join my 6-week program?


If so, book a complimentary “Tune into Your Desire” call with me.


Nathalie Depasse-Vangehuchten

Together we have the power to initiate change for tomorrow!

Creating a circle of conscious presence, benevolence and acceptance of what is, gives birth to a field of love so powerful that it allows us to experience our unity, our interconnection, our link to the earth and the divine in a way that changes Life forever.

Garth Riley

In times that can be very chaotic and uncertain, Mary Ann brings about a change in perception that when understood and applied brings a sense of strength, clarity, and calm that can be achieved in mere seconds. Mary Ann’s unique ability to teach through listening and guiding will move you forward in many ways that before seemed elusive or impossible.”

Feeling called to take the next step and join the program?

Let's hop on a call to get clear about your next steps!

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