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Meet MaryAnn

I have a passion to guide you into greater knowing of your truest self, greater consciousness of thought, embodied present moment awareness, and creativity for handling life’s challenges.

"Be  a Queen..."

When the instructor in the retreat told us to do this, I had no idea what he meant. I’d built a life of doing rather than being. 

So, he put me in the middle of the circle and played some music. My instructions were not to perform but to feel the music while the other participants held space for me. 

As I moved, the energy built and radiated throughout me. I felt a cascade of it shoot through my body, from my head through my core and feet, and my heart was blown wide open. I was in bliss. 

That’s when I knew what it meant to love myself. 

Like you, I’ve had my share of major life transitions: the demise of a 21-year marriage, seeing my twin boys grow up and move out, the deaths of family members, and stressful changes in careers. 

I taught school for 25 years. It came naturally and I loved seeing my students have their a-ha moments. But, I’d always had this niggling feeling of imposter syndrome, like there was something else I was meant to do with my life.

Experiencing burnout, depression and anxiety in the 90s put me on the path to personal growth and I jumped into it with the same enthusiasm I used to jump into the pool with as a synchro swimmer in high school. 

I studied energy work, shadow work, meditation and received certification as a hatha yoga teacher. I developed deep levels of experience and knowledge with Heart iQ™, Voice for Love, Polarity Therapy, and Brain Gym®. And, I became the Canadian Coordinator for Conversations: An Inspirational Game. 

One of my greatest joys is creating group experiences that allow people to connect with their truth in the moment, to share who they authentically are, and to know that they aren’t alone.


This is why I love circle work. I feel so honoured to be able to facilitate and witness this experience. 

Today, I work in the school of life helping women who crave connection yet feel out of place in their lives come home to their true self so they can experience more love, joy, and acceptance, regardless of the circumstances. 

I’ve felt the difference this work can make.  

Other people need to feel it too. 









In this complimentary session, we’ll get clear about the biggest issues you’re facing in creating a more fulfilling experience of your life. I’ll take you through a practice that can address that specific issue, and then we’ll see if it would make sense to work together.

How long are you willing to wait:

  • to finally Connect to what you really want out of life?

  • to Communicate what you really want and need to those around you in ways that feel clear, and confident, with appropriate boundaries set?

  • to Create a more fulfilling life experience for yourself where challenges are easily moved through?

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